One of the most breathtaking travel experiences that you can undertake from Mumbai is a cruise on the Arabian Sea. You don’t have to get a passport made or empty your pockets sailing to other countries. The Mumbai to Goa cruise happens to be among the most happening routes to enjoy a luxury liner without spending a bomb.

As you ride the waves from the comfort of your plush suite, you will wish the journey took longer. A cruise from Mumbai to Goa easily trumps over the options of taking a quick flight, hours of train journey, a night bus or even a long, back-breaking drive.

Mumbai to Goa Cruise Route

The cruise from Mumbai to Goa follows the sea route along the Konkan coastline, offering breathtaking views of the clear skies and the deep waters. You will be sailing along (but at a distance from) some of the famous beaches in Maharashtra such as Dighi, Hariharshwar, Ratnagiri and Malvan.

Once you get closer to Goa, you will be cruising Panaji, the capital, to finally dock at Mormugao. Explore some of the finest cruise ships and pick a Mumbai to Goa cruise package that works for you.

Angriya Cruise from Mumbai to Goa

Angriya made waves in 2018 when it launched its first cruise in India from Mumbai to Goa. This luxury domestic cruise liner has 7 decks, multiple restaurants, bars and lounges, and various categories of accommodation for the comfort of its guests.

Angriya sales only when the seas are calm, even though it is designed to weather a storm. A feature that sets Angriya apart from the few other luxury liners that cruise from Mumbai to Goa is the fact that it is environmentally conscious. They try to conserve resources through a zero-wastage policy in most of their operations.

Even when it comes to power consumption, Angriya uses intelligent techniques to keep it low. Its paint is designed to reduce resistance from water. The liner also de-powers its engines to keep its carbon footprint in check.

Amenities Aboard Angriya

The cruise liner sets sail every day in October and November, except Saturdays. You can either decide to cruise from Goa to Mumbai or Mumbai to Goa or even sail both ways, with a short vacation in Goa. Regardless of what you choose, there are plenty of things to look forward to on your luxury cruise:

Comfortable Rooms: Depending on the level of privacy and luxury you desire and also accounting for your budget, you can choose from 11 types of accommodation:

1. Couple Room with Large Windows: With full view of the sea, en-suite bathroom and king size beds, these rooms are among the most luxurious on the liner.

2. Couple Room with Portholes: One of the most expensive, these spacious rooms come with the quintessential portholes which are the typical round-shaped ship-style windows that look out to the sky and the sea.

3. Couple Room (Cosier) with Portholes: These rooms offer all of the features of the plushest rooms, except these are smaller in size to enhance intimacy. They are also slightly lighter on the pocket.

4. Couple Room without Windows: For a fully private experience and at the most economical rate, you can choose to live in one of the rooms which have no windows. This type of accommodation is best for those who will mostly be using the room at bedtime, choosing to spend most of their waking hours exploring the ship. Some of these rooms also offer extra beds to accommodate children.

5. Family Room with Attached Washroom & Large Window: These suites are perfect for a family of 4. You get a king size bed for the couple and a bunk bed for the children.

6. Family Room with Attached Washroom without Window: These rooms are priced slightly lower, and offer all the comforts of a family room, with the exception of windows.

7. Family Room with Common Washroom & Large Window: These bunk rooms are quite economical and come with two bunk beds which can accommodate 4 people in all. These are perfect for families and also friends.

8. Buddy Room with Attached Washroom & Large Window: These rooms with a view are great for a couple of friends travelling together as they offer twin beds.

9. Buddy Room with Common Washroom without Window: If you don’t mind using the common washroom, these rooms with separate beds are perfect for a budget getaway with your friend.

10. Luxury Pod: These are unique Japanese-inspired pods which have no windows or walking spaces. These are highly affordable if you wish to experience the luxury-pod lifestyle and use your pod only for resting. You can choose between king bed (for couples) and single bed (for solo travellers). You will be using the common washroom if you opt for the pods.

11. Dorms: If you’re travelling with a large group of friends or colleagues, do a group booking for the 14, 16 or 18-bed dormitories. These rooms have their own common washroom and there are windows for a few bunks. These bunk beds work out to be the cheapest possible on Angriya.

An Infinity Pool: Angriya’s on board plunge pool overlooks the wake of the ship. While you swim, you can watch the enchanting patterns which the luxury liner leaves behind as it cruises on the waters of the Arabian Sea. The swimming pool is open from 6 AM to 8 AM and 2 PM to midnight.

An Array of Restaurants: Dining is also a lovely experience aboard Angriya. Having a nice meal on the sea is one of the perks of booking a cruise from Mumbai to Goa. Your ticket entitles you to a welcome drink, hi-tea and snacks, dinner and breakfast the next morning. These set meals aside, you can explore the restaurants on board.

1. Coral Reef: This is restaurant serves breakfast, hi-tea and evening snacks from 2 PM to 5 PM and dinner from 8 PM to 11 PM. Its windows are portholes, reminding you that you are dining on a cruise liner.

2. Sea Breeze: Open from 7 PM until 11:30 PM, this continental restaurant serves snacks and a-la-carte dinners. Choose from Italian delicacies like pastas to street food and ice cream.

3. Ancora: This is a 24-hour coffee shop that serves breakfasts, dinners and the meals in-between. Ancora offers a bevy of healthy meals, kids menu options, sandwiches, pizzas and seafood, apart from a variety of hot and cold beverages.

A Bevy of Bars & Lounges: Clubbing or simply chilling with a drink is a highly sought after activity on any overnight cruise. Angriya has 5 lounges and bars that not only have a happening nightlife, but also an eclectic selection of cocktails.

1. Gaaz: This is bar sits on the forward-most deck of Angriya. Open from 2:30 PM to 11:30 PM, Gaaz offers stunning views of the sea.

2. Goaf: Located on the deck of the infinity pool, this bar is great for a few rounds of drinks after a short swim. Goaf offers its services from 2:30 PM to 11:30 PM.

3. Aguad: This open-deck bar is right at the top of the liner, presenting 360-degree views of the seas. It opens at 7 in the evening.

4. Sea Horse: This lounge opens at 9 in the night, and lets you party till the wee hours of 4 in the morning. A great place to dance or just enjoy the music with some finger food and a couple of cocktails.

5. Sorro Di: Another lounge for the party animals aboard Angriya, Sorro Di also offers mocktails for the teetotallers.

A Spa: This ship has its own spa, called the Dry Dock Spa. Their spa menu has various therapies that last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, offering massages for the entire body, or just the face, head, foot or back. You can also choose to be pampered on the deck. Get a back or a foot massage as you take in the sea breeze on-board Angriya.

A Souvenir Store: If you’re looking for unique mementos to take back with you from the cruise, visit Petara, the on-board souvenir shop of Angriya. They have a lovely selection of fridge magnets, mugs, pirate hats, clothing, handbags, stuffed toys, miniature models of anchors, safety tubes, watches and more. Petara is open from 3 PM to 12 AM and again from 6 AM to 9 AM.

A Library: The on-board reading room has a selection of newspapers, magazines and books. There are comfortable couches and also Japanese-style floor seating (with backrest) around a table.

Mumbai to Goa Cruise Aboard Karnika (Jalesh Cruises)

Karnika is the newest premium cruise liner on the block! The maiden cruise ship of Jalesh Cruises, Karnika sails not only from Mumbai to Goa and back but also several other destinations such as Ganpatipule, Diu, Dubai and Muscat.

Even though Karnika has begun cruising from Mumbai to Goa only recently from May 2019, it has proven its mettle through its smooth sails and grandeur aboard. There’s something for every age group on this luxury liner of Jalesh Cruises.

Amenities on Karnika

Boasting of 10 decks available to passengers, Jalesh Cruises’ maiden liner offers everything, from fine dining restaurants and casinos to gyms, salons and kids’ play areas:

Luxurious Rooms: Karnika has 4 types of rooms which are Interior Cabins, Sea View Cabins, Cabins with Balconies, and Mini-Suites. The rooms come kitted out with complimentary toiletries, hair dryer, en-suite bathroom, wardrobe, mini-fridge, AC and a security box.

Restaurants & Bars: This premium cruise liner has a number of bars, lounges and nightclubs for the social butterflies. You can enjoy the ultimate dining experience at the pan-Asian restaurant (Chopstix), grab a coffee at The Café, lick an ice-cream at Frozen, or enjoy various food items from the multiple stalls at the Food Court. They have special stalls for vegetarians and Jains.

Entertainment & Leisure Facilities: The ship has two swimming pools, hot tubs, chill zones for kids and adolescents, a photo studio, an art gallery, duty-free shops and a tech store, a bar-cum-Broadway-theatre, a casino, a big-screen theatre (for movies) and a water park.

Provision for Beauty & Fitness Needs: Karnika has a gym, a salon (for hair, face and body works, including tanning) and a spa (for scrubs, massages & acupuncture). There are also sauna and steam rooms for the after-massage therapies.

A Medical Centre: Jalesh Cruises’ Karnika has aboard a team of nurses and doctors to look after the health of their guests.

Mumbai to Goa Cruise Ticket Booking

Whether you wish to buy tickets to the Angriya Cruise from Mumbai to Goa or sail on Jalesh Cruises’ Karnika, you should book online through their website. Many travel agents and online portals also sell their seats, but you will find more information on the official websites of the cruise liners.

While Angriya only sails in October and November, the premium liner Karnika (Jalesh Cruises) operates almost round the year on the Mumbai-Goa route. If you book your tickets months in advance, you can score some discount on the otherwise expensive rates.

The typical Mumbai to Goa cruise fare for the cheapest berth (with a shared washroom and no windows) starts from INR 6,500 and goes up to INR 60,000 for a mini-suite with en-suite bathroom and bathtub, a private balcony and a host of other creature comforts. Note that port charges and taxes are extra.

Things to Know Before You Board the Mumbai to Goa Cruise

Before you buy your tickets for the Mumbai to Goa cruise, keep in mind a few things as some may affect whether you can board the ship at all.

1. Most cruise liners do not allow aboard pregnant women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy, since appropriate maternal and neonatal medical care is not readily available on the ship.

2. Some liners may refuse pets.

3. Your check-in procedure will be similar to that at an airport, and you will be handed a boarding pass at the cruise terminal.

4. After you book an Angriya cruise from Mumbai to Goa or vice versa, you will receive a link to the Angriya app which will share information about the sites along the Konkan coastline which the liner will cross along the voyage. You will also be able to make purchases aboard, with interesting offers which will pop up on the mobile app.

Interesting Facts About the Mumbai to Goa Cruise Liners

There are plenty of things to know about ships even if you don’t wish to be a marine engineer. When you cruise from Mumbai to Goa, here is what you should be aware of about the popular luxury liners:

1. Even though the actual cruise time from Mumbai to Goa is only 8 hours, most cruise ships sail at a leisurely pace to take 14 to 15 hours, so that passengers can enjoy the luxury liner experience.

2. The Mumbai to Goa cruise or even the Goa to Mumbai cruise begins late in the afternoon, between 4 PM and 5 PM, and reaches the destination port the next morning at around 9 AM.

3. Luxury liners, such as the Japan-made Angriya, are generally about 130 metres long, but a walk around the entire area can well clock 4 km.

4. Most luxury liners have more than a 100 to 500 rooms with a capacity of 500 to 2,500, including passengers, hospitality staff and marine crew.

5. The strength of the crew is generally about a fifth of the number of passengers the ship can carry.

6. The Angriya cruise liner can attain a speed of 25 knots, thanks to its two powerful engines.

7. Angriya collaborates with the Mhadei Research Center in Goa to perform studies on marine-based conservation. It has a team of 25 marine personnel.

8. In a bid to protect marine vegetation, the Angriya liner uses non-toxic paint underwater.

9. Angriya is also plastic-conscious and provides copper bottles for water in each room.

10. You cannot pay by cash or card when you are aboard Angriya. You will have to purchase the Angriya cash card for any transaction on the ship. The card can be purchased at the time of checking in, with a minimum load of INR 2,500. When you check out, you can encash the balance.

11. Jalesh Cruises implements measures to make its premium liners more energy-efficient. It uses low-energy lamps, recirculates waste heat to improve air conditioning, and employs many other techniques.

12. Jalesh also recycles its waste and endeavours to reduce its volume. It has an on-board wastewater management system in place.

What to Pack for the Mumbai to Goa Cruise

Travelling aboard any cruise liner is unlike any ordinary vacation. You will be allowed about 10 kg per person as cabin baggage which you can keep with you in your room. Your check-in luggage can be up to 25 kg, but you will not be able to access it during your voyage. This is why you should pack smartly to avoid inconveniences. Here are a few items to get you started on your checklist for your overnight handbag:

1. It is advisable to carry your regular prescription medicine with you. Even though luxury cruise liners have staff who are trained for basic first aid and medical emergencies, you are better off bringing your own medication.

2. Sea sickness medicine is also recommended for those with a tendency of nauseating or vomiting at the sea. Be sure to get only sealed bottles of syrups.

3. Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, etc.

4. Sunscreen lotion should not be forgotten as you might be spending a lot of time out on the deck in the sun. You can also carry a sun-hat or a scarf with you.

5. If you plan to party or lounge, be sure to pack some lounge wear or an evening dress. Make sure to have the shoes to go with the attire.

6. For bedtime, carry your nightwear and slippers. You can also take a pair of earplugs with you.

7. A swimsuit and a sarong are a must if you plan to swim during the cruise. Towels are usually available with the pool staff.

8. It is wise to carry a change of clothes for the next day or for emergencies.

9. Photographers should take along their DSLRs and lenses for the camera. The sights along the Mumbai to Goa cruise are amazing!

10. Carry chargers for all your electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tabs, wireless ear pods and smartwatches.

11. Women should not forget their sanitary kit – pads/tampons/menstrual cups.

12. Senior citizens or people with a problem of incontinence should carry their adult diapers along.

13. Most cruise liners let you carry extra kilos in the cabin for children under the age of 12. If you have babies, carry their diapers. Dehydrated or dry baby food can be carried aboard, which you can ask the hospitality crew to reconstitute with water. Any other type of food or water cannot be carried.

14. Carry a light jacket in case it gets chilly or windy, especially in the evenings.

How to Reach the Starting Point of the Mumbai to Goa Cruise

Depending on whether you are taking the Mumbai to Goa cruise or the Goa to Mumbai cruise, you will have to check in at one of the cruise terminals at either port city:

Mumbai: If cruising from Mumbai, you will have to report at the Domestic Cruise Terminal at Victoria Docks 15 or Purple Gate, which is off Ferry Wharf. This point can easily be reached via taxi. You can also take a local train from the Central or the Western Line to CSMT (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus), from where you can take a cab to Purple Gate.

Goa: You will be docking at the Mormugao Cruise Terminal located at the Main Land Sada Harbour in Mormugao. If you are travelling on Angriya, your terminal will be the Angriya Mormugao Cruise Terminal. You can either hire a cab to this terminal or catch a bus from most of the prominent spots in Goa.

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