While Mumbai is known for its beautiful, soul-soothing beaches, the surrounding region is no less. The vast coastline by the Arabian Sea is home to countless beaches where you can relax with friends and family. Whether you want to go for a romantic holiday or a weekend getaway, you'll find your ideal beaches near Mumbai.

Some beaches are small, and some are long. Some beaches are sandy, while others are rocky. Every beach is different from the other. Some beaches are lined with fast food joints and seafood restaurants, and others are known for their amusement and adventure options.

You can get in for a water adventure in Kashid Beach and Diveagar Beach or enjoy a restful holiday on the beaches of Alibaugh and Vasai. They are all gorgeous and serene.

These beach destinations near Mumbai are also surrounded by ancient temples and forts, making them some of the most happening places around Mumbai. Whether you wish to go for a stroll or a fun-filled day outing, these beaches are perfect for both.

So, check this list of beaches near Mumbai and take your pick. The sands, the sea, and the sunset make for a perfect beach holiday.

Beaches Within 100 km from Mumbai

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Vasai Beach

Vasai Beach is one of the best sea beaches near Mumbai to refresh and loosen up after a hectic week. Not many people visit this beach, making it one of the clean beaches near Mumbai. It's among the least crowded, separated by tall coconut trees from the highway.

Vasai Beach makes up for a memorable time with kids and family. With pretty views of the sea, colourful landscapes and white sand shores, you can enjoy a fun getaway.

Its serenity attracts families and groups, solo travellers, and anyone seeking peace. The surrounding greenery provides for a delightful stroll along the beach. So, if you're planning for a short picnic, a trip to Vasai Beach can be satisfying.

  • Known For: Peaceful location, Vasai Creek and Vasai Fort
  • Distance: 60 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Tungareshwar Temple, Gandhi Tekdi, Essel World
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Rajodi Beach

Rajodi Beach is another vivid tourist-friendly beach near Mumbai. It's a paradise for those who want to experience the thrill of water sports. And the resorts in the vicinity make it the choicest destination for a weekend getaway.

A trip to Rajodi Beach, away from the crowd of Mumbai, can make your vacation delightful. Apart from the adventure water sports, you can also enjoy beach games, cricket and football with kids at Rajodi Beach.

The local snacks and dishes here are a must-have. You can sit by the coconut and palm trees and enjoy the cool breeze coming off the sea.

  • Known For: Fun activities, local eateries and water sports
  • Distance: 64 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Vasai Creek, Vasai Fort
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Kalamb Beach

Kalamb Beach is another among the secluded beaches near Mumbai. Its serenity and beauty also provides a mesmerising experience to the visitors. Sitting on the silky black sand dust, you can enjoy the distant seascape for hours.

It’s ideal for those who want a quick getaway from Mumbai. The water is perfect for a swim, and you can enjoy different fun activities and water sports too.

The locality is sprinkled with resorts, local eateries and pretty palm trees. So, whether you want to laze around or sunbathe under the open skies, a visit to this beach is an absolute treat. You can also enjoy a mesmerising sunset here.

  • Known For: Fun activities, water sports and peaceful location
  • Distance: 61 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Vasai Creek, Vasai Fort, Jivdani Devi Temple
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Arnala Beach

Arnala Beach is another of the amazing beaches near Mumbai, surrounded by some of the finest coconut trees. The beach serves as a good picnic spot, and it's an ideal place for families, couples, and friends.

If you're looking for beach resorts near Mumbai for a one day picnic, Arnala Beach is a must-visit. You can spend your day lounging at the beach or building sandcastles with your kids.

Camel rides are available here. And you can take a ferry to visit the Arnala Fort nearby. Even if you just want to relax, you can do so on its soft sand. Arnala Beach offers glorious sunset views in a calm and serene atmosphere.

  • Known For: Beach games, sunset views and coconut groves
  • Distance: 73 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Sopara Stupa, Chinchoti Waterfalls, Arnala Fort
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Kihim Beach

Kihim Beach is one of the stunning white sand beaches near Mumbai. It's adorned with dense coconut trees and scattered shells all over the beach.

Nature lovers can go out to seek rare butterflies and wildflowers in the nearby bushes, and adventure enthusiasts can indulge in water sports. Jet skiing, kayaking and parasailing are among the many water sports available at Kihim Beach.

Various options for sightseeing are available in and around Kihim Beach. You can even set a tent and enjoy a day amidst the natural beauty and sounds. Horse cart rides and beach bike rides are also available.

  • Known For: Fun activities, water sports and scenic beauty
  • Distance: 97 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Birla Mandir, Kanakeshwar Temple, Jerusalem Gate
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Uran Pirwadi Beach

Pirwadi Beach is the most popular beach near Navi Mumbai. The mesmerising sunset, clear white sand and crystal blue water makes it a fantastic destination for a relaxing holiday.

Pirwadi Beach is a hidden gem near the bustling city. It's one of the popular new beaches near Mumbai. The beach is a local hangout point. And it’s a growing favourite among the tourists visiting Mumbai for their vacation.

You can soak in the sun, marvel at the mesmerising surroundings, or just sit back and relax on the sand. It's a calm little beach in a tiny fishing and agriculture village.

  • Known For: Natural landscape, scenic views and friendly hangouts
  • Distance: 48 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Dronagiri Temple, Pandavkada Falls
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Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach has some of the popular beach resorts near Mumbai for families. It's a serene and quaint beach near Mumbai. The beach destination offers tasty seafood, thrilling water activities, and fun on the golden sand.

The beach is ideal for day trips. You can hop on a ferry just for a stroll along the seafront. It's a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. You can try camping and fishing too.

On a clear evening, you can enjoy a breathtaking view across the bay, looking at the Gateway of India. The sunset view from Mandwa Beach is picturesque too. It makes for a peaceful and private beach holiday experience.

  • Known For: Ferry rides, peaceful location and water sports
  • Distance: 100 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Karmakar Museum, Vrindavan Farm, Ranjanpada Waterfall
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Alibaug Beach

Alibaug Beach is among the best beaches near Mumbai to visit. It's ideal for peace-loving travellers who would like a pleasant road trip with friends. The golden black sand and clear blue water make it the best beach picnic destination.

The beach is known for its surrounding greens and scenic views of the sunset. It's a great place to spend leisure time looking over the Arabian Sea.

Along the shore, you can also visit the fishing villages and experience the culture of the locals. And the beach shacks provide a multitude of local snacks to satiate your hunger.

  • Known For: Natural beauty, peaceful location and sunset views
  • Distance: 98 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Kolaba Fort, Underi Fort, Ganpati Temple
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Awas Beach

Awas Beach is another beautiful beach near Mumbai. It’s a perfect honeymoon getaway destination. With a clean and pristine stretch of blue waters, it provides a lovely backdrop for a short picnic or a long weekend stay.

It's among the unexplored beaches near Mumbai and a great spot to relax and unwind. The surrounding greenery gives a romantic feel to the beach.

Awas Beach is perfect for couples who love to spend a few days together far away from the city's noise. The area nearby has some beautiful resorts with luxury amenities. You can enjoy and have a refreshing weekend.

  • Known For: Serene locality, water activities and romantic getaway
  • Distance: 99 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Kolaba Fort, Katalpada Waterfall, Nageshwar Temple
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Revdanda Beach

Revdanda Beach is among the beautiful beaches near Mumbai. Its picturesque surroundings and warm waters make it a popular spot among tourists. If you’re looking for some quiet and peaceful time, you can spend plenty of time here.

The beach is blessed with crystal clear waters. And the dense greenery around provides for a stunning walk and view. It's a combination of natural beauty and historic charm.

The nearby hotels and resorts also make this beach very popular among tourists. The seaside cottages provide a pleasant respite for everyone. And in the restaurants, you can savour some mouth-watering local dishes.

  • Known For: Natural beauty, camping and seafood
  • Distance: 100 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Revdanda Fort, Bhonang Riverfront
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Akshi Beach

Akshi Beach offers plenty of opportunities to spend time with family and kids. It's one of the secluded beaches near Mumbai. The beach is wide, and the water is clean.

Different species of birds also visit the beach and surrounding areas. Their chirping and the mesmerising views of the sea can refresh your mood.

During low tide hours, you can enjoy cricket, football and other beach games. So, if you’re planning a beach trip with your kids, Akshi Beach is a must-visit.

  • Known For: Peaceful surrounding, family-friendly environment and bird-watching
  • Distance: 97 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Sagargad Fort
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Nagaon Beach

Nagaon Beach is a serene weekend destination near Mumbai. The beach features a long shore lined with trees and shrubs. It's a beautiful spot for a romantic evening.

It provides a lovely view of the Arabian Sea with the backdrop of the mountains. The sunsets are mesmerising, and you can take a long walk along the shore. It's also an excellent place to unwind and relax.

You can try many beach sports and water activities like jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. And when you're hungry, you can try out some finger-licking seafood.

  • Known For: Crystal-clear water, water sports and romantic getaway
  • Distance: 99 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Theronda Jetty

Beaches Within 200 km from Mumbai

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Korlai Beach

Korlai Beach is a small beach in the fishing village of Korlai. The beach doesn't attract many tourists. Thus, it's one of the most scenic and serene beaches near Mumbai for weekends.

The village has an old-world charm. You can find beautiful homestays and beach-front villas to spend your time exploring the void.

The beach offers a picturesque view of the blue sea with the backdrop of a heritage fort. And unlike the usual sandy terrain, much of this beach is covered with grassy meadows and weeds.

  • Known For: Peaceful surrounding, weekend getaway and vintage photography
  • Distance: 115 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Korlai Fort, Bhonang Riverfront, Lighthouse
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Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach is an ideal beach getaway destination for honeymoon couples. The stretch is wide and has a beautiful view of the sea with mountains in the background. It's also a great spot to spend time with friends, family or alone.

It's a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. It provides an excellent opportunity for beach games and water adventures. You can go for water scooter rides and banana boat rides, among other activities.

The beach also has resorts for accommodation. And the eateries around serve local delicacies throughout the day. A visit to this beach is an exciting and pleasurable experience.

  • Known For: Water sports, romantic weekends and local eateries
  • Distance: 115 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary
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Murud Beach

Murud Beach is one of the most frequently visited and famous beaches near Mumbai. The beach has many resorts in the vicinity. So, you can enjoy a luxurious stay and enjoy the views this beach offers.

It's a heaven for travel enthusiasts. The water is perfect for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. You can take part in thrilling water activities like parasailing and kayaking. You can also spot dolphins while enjoying the water rides and games.

It's a popular beach picnic spot for couples. You can relax by the palm groves or go for a stroll as the sun sets in for the night. Beach dinners can also be arranged upon request.

  • Known For: Scenic views, evening walks and water sports
  • Distance: 147 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Murud Janjira Fort
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Diveagar Beach

Diveagar Beach is nestled in the Konkan region. Hidden behind towering coconut and palm trees, this beach is an enchanting paradise by the Arabian Sea. It's one of the nicest Konkan beaches near Mumbai.

It's a perfect getaway destination for nature lovers. You can spot migratory seagulls and dolphins nearby. Sand-bubble crabs and sea turtles also are scattered all along the beach.

With its shiny blue water, this white sand beach attracts many tourists to indulge in water sports. The trip to the beach is also captivating. Diveagar Beach is an attractive holiday destination for rejuvenation.

  • Known For: Fun activities, water sports and bird watching
  • Distance: 180 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Suvarna Ganesh Temple
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Kelva Beach

Kelva Beach is known for its freshness and sea views. It's an expansive beach in the Konkan region, with calm waters and white-sand shores. The place retains the rustic feel of a village.

So, if you're planning for a picnic with family, take a trip to Kelva Beach. It's one of the hidden beaches near Mumbai, suitable for a one day picnic. You can enjoy your trip with friends and family. And you can spend some quality time together. It also has a lot of beach games and activities like horse and camel rides.

The beach has several restaurants and resorts. And all these make it a perfect destination for a day trip from Mumbai.

  • Known For: Fun activities, peaceful surroundings and sunset views
  • Distance: 104 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Kelva Fort, Shitladevi Temple
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Daman Jampore Beach

Jampore Beach is one of the most serene beaches near Mumbai. The beauty of the shoreline is breathtaking, and the skyline is mesmerising. It's a perfect destination for those seeking peace and solitude away from Mumbai.

Being away from the city, Jampore Beach provides a perfect escape from the crowd. You can enjoy the scenic beauty and get lost in the calmness of the surroundings. The trees all over make the place breezy.

You'll find fun rides, adventure water sports, and numerous beach games to indulge in at the beach. Stalls selling food and drinks are also present here.

  • Known For: Serene atmosphere, local eateries and water sports
  • Distance: 179 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Mirasol Lake Garden, Dominican Monastery, St Jerome Fort
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Dahanu Beach

Dahanu Beach is a pristine scenic beauty near Mumbai's shoreline. With unspoilt beaches and rows of food stalls, Dahanu is meant for a lazy weekend. You can't swim in the water, but you can plan day outings and overnight beach camping.

It's one of the most scenic beaches near Mumbai, and it's a perfect holiday spot for families. The long stretch of sand, the clear waters and the lush surroundings make it ideal for picnics.

Kids can play freely, and you can stroll the beach, enjoying the beautiful sunset. Horse and camel rides are also available.

  • Known For: Serene atmosphere, peaceful location and camping
  • Distance: 143 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Bahrot Caves
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Harihareshwar Beach

Harihareshwar Beach is a unique beach surrounded by four hills. It attracts photographers and nature lovers. And the numerous temples in the area have earned it the name Dakshin Kashi (South Kashi).

The beach has clear blue water. And if you hike to the top of the temple nearby, you can get a sweeping view of the surrounding sea. You might also get to see dolphins playing in the sea.

And as the evening approaches, you can witness a gorgeous sunset over the sea waves.

  • Known For: Picturesque views, weekend getaway and Harihareshwar Temple
  • Distance: 192 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Bankot Fort
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Kelshi Beach

Kelshi Beach is an untarnished beach near Mumbai. With pristine shores and lush greenery, it’s the ideal beach holiday destination.

A walk on this beach, listening to the waves, can be refreshing. You can relax on the sands and admire the deep blue sea. The rocks near the beach also provide a great place to sit and enjoy the sea breeze.

Coconut groves and hills surround the beach. So, you can have an exciting weekend and enjoy photogenic sunset views. Kelshi Beach also has conches and shells scattered all over. Kids would love to play here.

  • Known For: Peaceful surrounding, sunset views and coconut groves
  • Distance: 200 km from Mumbai city centre
  • Nearby tourist places: Mahalaxmi Temple

Other Popular Beach Places near Mumbai

Apart from the above nearby beaches in Mumbai, you should also visit Rangaon Beach and Navapur Beach. These are close to Vasai Beach, and sunset views from there are incredibly breathtaking. Devka Beach (near Daman Jampore Beach) and Anjarle Beach (near Kelshi Beach) are other lovely beaches near Mumbai.

Those who want to spend a few days away from Mumbai can take a trip to Ganpati Pule Beach and Tarkarli Beach. These beaches are safe for water sports. And you can enjoy your favourite games like jet Skiing, kayaking and scuba diving.

Aare Ware Beach and Velneshwar Beach are a few other lesser-known beach destinations near Mumbai. These are scenic and among the perfect beaches near Mumbai for couples.

The surrounding shoreline of Mumbai is home to some of the best beaches. These are so gorgeous and serene that you would like to plan a trip again and again. Whether you want a lazy vacation or an adventurous trip, these beaches near Mumbai cater to all your needs.

You can enjoy the scenic views of beaches around Alibaugh or indulge in water sports around Daman; the choice is yours. The beaches have something unique for everyone to make your holiday memorable.

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