Eyelusion at Imagicaa Mumbai Entry Fee
  • 149 per person as an add-on to Theme park and Water park entry

  • Eyelusion at Imagicaa Mumbai Phone
    022 6255 2929
Eyelusion at Imagicaa Mumbai Timings
Day Timing
Monday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wedesday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

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Eyelusion at Imagicaa Mumbai Address: 30/31 Sangdewadi, SH92, near Lonavala, Khalapur, Maharashtra, 410203, India

Eyelusion is a 3D and Augmented Reality fun zone at Imagicaa. It’s a photography and video centre where you can capture many tricky images and fascinating virtual illusions.

The place is equipped with props and lighting to ensure visitors get the best possible AR experience. The 3D effects at Eyelusion creates a realistic environment. It makes you feel that you are a part of an alternate reality.

Use the Eyelusion AR app to capture the fun and imaginative poses you can treasure forever. It’s a good effort to provide a hands-on experience with this unique technology in a fun way.

Eyelusion is one of the first of its kind entertainment centre in the country. You can explore fascinating, unique visual illusions, perfect for the entire family. And it allows you to create memorable moments with everyone.

It brings AR experiences front and centre.

Where is Eyelusion in Mumbai?

Eyelusion at Imagicaa is located within Imagicaa Theme Park and Water Park. It’s near Lonavala, Khopoli village, just off Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Eyelusion with Imagicaa Theme Park is an excellent getaway destination for a weekend. It has activities for every age to enjoy.

Things to do at Eyelusion Imagicaa

1. Exploring the AR environment – Eyelusion is considered to be India’s first 3D and AR park. You can explore several vibrant and unique visual illusions here, perfect for friends and family members. For the best experience, download the Eyelusion app on your mobile and capture your AR videos live. Eyelusion brings wow AR experiences to everyone. Capture those fun-filled videos and save them for a lifetime memory.

2. Snapping fun photographs – Apart from savouring the AR experiences and illusive visuals, you can also strike a pose for jaw-dropping captures. Even without the AR renditions, the 3D paintings in Eyelusion provide an opportunity to create interesting moments. You can explore all the interactive themes that tell a story.

3. Immersing yourself in themed experiences – Eyelusion is in Imagicaa Theme Park. And while you visit Eyelusion, spare a few hours for the theme park. Imagicaa Theme Park has an array of themed rides and attractions for all ages. You can enjoy rides with kids, friends and family members. At Imagicaa, you can also enjoy various other activities, street events and performances. And when you’re tired, you can relish dishes from cuisines worldwide in one of the food corners.

4. Exploring water park rides – Next door to the theme park is Imagicaa Water Park. It has a bunch of wet rides and activities for everyone. You can take fun rides with kids or adventure with your friends. Imagicaa Water Park is a delightful destination for anyone who loves to play in the water. You can also savour a buffet of food and drinks here.

5. Sliding along in the snow park – And while you’re at Imagicaa, you shouldn’t miss the snow park on the premises. The snow park has many activities you can enjoy in sub-zero temperatures. You can play Snow Basketball, do snow dance and climb the snow-capped mountain in natural snowfall. It also has activities like sliding and sledging in the snow.

Eyelusion Imagicaa Timings and Entry Fees

Eyelusion adventure is available throughout the year. It’s in Imagicaa Theme Park, and you can enjoy it here as long as Imagicaa is open, from 11 AM to 8 PM.

Entry to Eyelusion is available as an add-on ticket to Imagicaa Theme Park or Water Park. You can choose from different packages or individual tickets as per your need. The Eyelusion add-on ticket price is ₹149 per person.

Best time to visit Imagicaa Eyelusion

Imagicaa Eyelusion is an indoor park. So, any time of the year is fine for a visit. But the best time to visit Eyelusion at Imagicaa is in winter when the weather is the most pleasant. Winter in Mumbai is from November to February.

Time to explore Eyelusion at Imagicaa

It takes about 30 minutes to explore Eyelusion and experience all the AR illusions. But it would be best if you have at least a day reserved. Grab the chance to enjoy Imagicaa Theme Park and Water Park to their fullest while you’re here. Other attractions nearby are Glowmagica, House of Stars and Projecto.

Also, it takes about 2 hours to visit Imagicaa from Mumbai. So, plan accordingly.

How to reach Eyelusion?

Eyelusion is located on the premises of Imagicaa Theme Park. It’s near Lonavala, just off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It’s 80 km from Mumbai CST railway station and Mumbai Central bus depot, and 73 km from the Mumbai International Airport.

And here’s how to reach Eyelusion Imagicaa –

By train – The railway station closest to Imagicaa is in Khopoli. It’s about 10 km away. You can get a direct 7 AM train to Khopoli from Mumbai CST. And auto-rickshaws are available in Khopoli to take you to Imagicaa Theme Park.

By bus – Direct public buses to Imagicaa aren’t available. But you can take a bus from Navi Mumbai to Khopoli and then, Khopoli to Imagicaa. Imagicaa also has a private bus service with pick-up & drop locations at prime locations across Mumbai.

By taxi/cab – Hiring a taxi/cab is the best way to visit Imagicaa. You can book cabs from the top car rentals in Mumbai and enjoy your visit to the theme park, water park and all other attractions near Eyelusion. These cabs are available for hire in many parts of the city. So, you can spend time at leisure and explore the place.

FAQs about Eyelusion in Mumbai

Q. What is Eyelusion in Imagicaa?
A. Eyelusion is an AR entertainment centre in Imagicaa. It brings AR experiences and illusions to life with 3D props and lighting effects.

Q. Can I use Imagicaa AR at Eyelusion?
A. Yes, you can use Imagicaa’s Eyelusion AR app to capture fun poses with your family and friends. Everyone can get hands-on experience with AR with the app.

Q. What is the ticket price for Eyelusion at Imagicaa?
A. Eyelusion ticket price is available as an add-on package to Imagicaa Theme Park or Water Park ticket. It costs ₹149 per person.

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