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Marine Drive Mumbai Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400004, India

One of the largest cities in India, Mumbai is known to fulfill dreams and capture hearts. It has been known for a blend of archaic and modern architecture. You can find everything from small slums to the largest buildings, all collaborating in harmony. While the city is often bustling with energy, a far end corner of it offers peaceful moments. Let us introduce you to The Marine Drive, a 3.6 Km long road in the busiest city of India. One of the smoothest curves of the city and a sight we often fall back to.

Featuring in a number of movies, the spot is rather popular. Marine drive isn't just a tourist spot. It is also the hub for businesses and residences. With arrays of restaurants through the road and colleges being a few steps away, it has gathered a lot of attention over time. In the 1940s and 50s, the place attracted the upper-class niche to reside in the heartwarming sight and work closer to home. It was only after independence the place gained popularity to become what it is now.

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Architecture of Marine Drive Mumbai

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, the official name of Marine drive is a six-lane concrete road that stretches along the coastline, forming a natural bay in South Mumbai. It links the famous Nariman Point, an end of the city to Babulnath, foot of Malabar hills, one of the poshest areas in the City of dreams.

The tourists know the road as Marine Drive; where people come in large numbers to watch the sunset. The magnificent sight of the sunset next to a few buildings of Malabar hills is an enthralling experience. Oftentimes, Mumbai is called the New York of India because of this view and skylines.

The strange large rocks that one might find on the side of the sea are called tetrapods. The larger constructed inverted funnel-shaped stones have a purpose; they save the pavement from the strong waves by absorbing the kinetic energy of waves and preventing erosion. Touristsgenerally climb to tetrapods to click pictures of the beach and the skylines.

The pavement is scenic not just because you can see the horizons and setting sun, but also the palm trees, planted across the 3 KM road, give an exhilarating experience. And there is something entirely unique experiencing it in the night when the famous "Queen's Necklace" comes to light. The street light around the bay lit up only to look like a string of pearls, creating an illusion of a necklace. Even when looked from an elevated point, the necklace is visible and is known to be a capturing sight.

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History of Marine Drive Mumbai

Marine drive is an unfortunate story turned fortunate. Initially, it was a reclamation project which eventually failed and was turned into a tourist spot. The British government started the Backbay reclamation project back in the 19th century, to connect Malabar Hills to Nariman Point. Later in the 1920s, it was examined and abandoned.

The project was planned for 1500 acres land, but due to faulty plans and other issues, it led to the reclamation of 440 acres land. The additional 235 acres were taken for military purposes. 17 acres of land was then made into Marine Drive a tourist place. Something that started as a faulty project led to the sturdy promenade which hasn't been repaired for 72 years. Isn't that surprising? However, in 2012 the drive was resurfaced as a part of safety protocol, not out of necessity.

The Art Deco, buildings cover one-third of the drive. After that come the gymkhanas with their open cricket fields, followed by an aquarium, a female hostel for students, and at the end, Wilson College. An interesting fact about Wilson College is that the building was built in 1889 in the Victorian Gothic style. It is one of the few buildings of that time that still stand tall.

Mumbaikars, come to the marine drive to stop and breathe in the rush of the city. In this claustrophobic city, where privacy is arduous to find, people turn their backs to the world and sit to feel alive.

Fun fact about Marine Drive Mumbai

The Big B of Bollywood, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has spent a night at one of the drive's benches. Years later, in his movie, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, he was seen riding a motorbike at Marine Drive. It brought the life event to full circle, making a bold statement that he has made it. Even Shah Rukh Khan in his debut movie Deewana was witnessed driving on marine drive. And just like that, several other movies can be mentioned here that feature the place.

Entry Fees and Timings of Marine Drive Mumbai

The Marine drive has no charges to visit. It is absolutely free and open to all with no barriers of age, sex, religion. Everyone and anyone is free to come and sit and absorb the scenic beauty of the place. It’s an open space to help everyone sit and relax.

Things to do in and at Marine Drive Mumbai

Early Morning Walks or Late Night Adventure

The beauty of this place demands your attention. The best time to go to this place is either early mornings when you can let loose while the cool breeze caresses your face. Or late at night when you can fathom at the Mumbai skyline with waves splashing around you. If you’re lucky you can find yoga classes to join that are held at random intervals by different fitness groups.

Early mornings are known to be occupied by walkers, runners and cyclists as the sea breeze ensures a lovely stroll amidst the impressive architecture in the city’s most affluent area. Both sunrise and sunset at Marine drive allow you to see the Mumbai skyline that is compared to a Queen’s Necklace. And while you’re here, you don’t need to worry about food. The place is always full of passing by vendors that offer you typical Mumbai street food. So grab a hot cup of tea in the morning or sweet and sour munchies in the evening.

Places to visit in and around Marine Drive Mumbai

1. Taraporewala Aquarium: One of the oldest attractions in Mumbai, Taraporewala Aquarium is just at a 10-minute walking distance from Marine Drive. The renovated aquarium has a 12-feet long and 180-degree acrylic glass tunnel with marine and freshwater fishes.

70+ Exotic fishes from overseas are part of this aquarium. Other fishes included are Helicopter, Arowana, Grouper, yellow-striped tang, blue-spotted stingray, star, clown, hark, trigger, Grouper, Moorish idol, Azure Damsel, Blueline Demoiselle, Purple Firefish, etc. All these fishes are housed in large tanks with imported flexible glass for better visibility. You can also find sharks, rays, moray eels, sea turtles, turtles, small starfish, and stingrays.

2. Flora Fountain: Also known as 'Hutatma Chowk,' Flora Fountain has been declared as one of India's Heritage buildings. Built by the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India, it is India's prestigious fountain. Interestingly The Flora Fountain is built in the same location as the original Churchgate of Bombay Fort — thus also referred to as 'Martyr's Square' of 'Hutatma Chowk' in 1960. This was done to honor the 105 members of the 'Samyuktha Maharashtra Samiti,' that fought and lost their lives to make Maharastra a separate state.

You can do everything from shopping for age-old books to eating a variety of street foods. It is known as a hub of commercial activities. Famous institutes like Bombay University, Bombay Stock Exchange, and Gateway of India border the Flora Fountain. The fountain is illumined during evenings, offering an exquisite view to all tourists.

3. Bhikha Behram Well: It is located at a 15 mins drive from Marine Drive. What could be a better tourist spot than one that was built for travelers? The vast range of Cross Maidan was tiresome for travelers during the summer season and to solve this, Bhikaji Behram, a Parsi, dug a freshwater well.

The well and the stone canopy has been decorated with beautiful stained glasses. The well is known to have a constant source of sweet water. This comes as an astonishing fact to some, considering the area is saline because of the proximity of the Arabian Sea. The Parsi community holds this site sacred.

4. Chowpatty Beach: At one end of the drive is Chowpatty Beach, one of the oldest seafronts. The proper Chowpatty experience would be its chaat meals and Bazaar. The several stalls of food, which in our beliefs is true Mumbai food, should definitely be experienced. Bhel Puri, Sev Puri, Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri, etc. to name a few, are an experience in itself.

The Walkeshwar area further from Chowpatty is a posh area named after the Walkeshwar temple. However, if one wants to experience the truest beach crowd with a little crazy (the positive crazy) one needs to visit the beaches during the time of the Ganesh Chathurthi festival. Mumbai’s very own version of Met Gala, or even bigger.

How to reach Marine Drive Mumbai?

Railways- Well, if you are living in the suburbs, the best and the fastest medium to reach Marine Drive would be the lifeline of the city, Mumbai Locals. The trains are frequent and take the least amount of time. Get down at Churchgate station, and one can simply walk towards Marine Drive getting out on the west side. If you're traveling in central or harbor lines, you will get down at CST or VT station, as it is popularly called.

Roadways- A cab from there is the easiest way to reach. However, one needs to be keen to do that, especially in office hours. People travel to Mumbai from the outskirts as well on a daily basis for jobs. Hence, the trains might be a little more crowded for your taste. If the trains aren't something your willing to experience, there are always the cab services like Ola and Uber. Quick and easy.

Alternatively, you can book a private cab through the top car rental companies in Mumbai for a hassle free trip to Mumbai without burning a hole in your pocket.

Interesting Facts about Marine Drive Mumbai

One of the luckiest women to have lived on the top floor of the Art Deco building was Dhun Lentin (Patel). In 1939, her family moved to the Soona Mahal in a 3-bedroom apartment with a fancy balcony facing the south-western sea. The corner plot was known to have elegant round windows in the front and a circular penthouse on the top. The ground floor was occupied by a cafe, Pizza By The Bay. The Patel's were a huge part of Bombay's elite.

While Malabar Hills was owned by the high ranked British officials and wealthiest Indian families, the drive was always open to modern families of India and Europe. Dhun spent her entire living there even after she got married to a young lawyer, grandson of the builder, who built Chateau Marine.

Dhun's husband Bakhtavar “Bomi” Lentin lived in a sprawling 2,500 sq.ft. apartment which was sea-facing as well. Living in the building built by his grandfather, Lentin later became a famous judge in the high court. Wondering why you've been reading about all this? It is an interesting trivia because across Lentin's flat lived Fatima, his childhood friend. Fatima later went by the name Nargis, the diamond star of Bollywood.

There is much more to marine drive than just the scenic beauty. The popular nightlife of Mumbai is at its peak every night in that area. Clubs, jazz nights, and several other festivals keep happening in and around the area. The Kala Ghoda the art festival where people participate from all over the country is hosted every year not far from Marine Drive. Gateway of India, Colaba causeway market, and The Taj Palace, are within 15-20 mins from the drive. Well, if you're looking for a hotel in Mumbai with the best view, find one on Marine drive.

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