Mumbai, the City of Dreams, the Hollywood of India, the Financial Capital of India, whatever you call it, is a charming blend of cultures and lifestyles. It's a dynamic, continuously evolving centre of art, music and dance in India. Away from the glamour, modernity and chaos, the city is also famous for its beautiful, soul-soothing beaches.

The vast coastline of Mumbai is home to countless calm and sparkling beaches. They're where you can relax with your friends and family. The scenic beaches know the stories of everyone, from Bollywood stars to industrialists.

Food tours at Girgaum Chowpatty and calming meetups at Marine Drive are among the many reasons you'll love the beaches of Mumbai. Mumbai beaches are lined with the trendiest restaurants, coffee houses and food stalls. You can savour local mouth-watering snacks or your favourite dishes all in one place.

The beaches have played a prominent role in hundreds of Bollywood movies. They enchant every traveller visiting this glamorous city. You can take sunset photographs, hang out in the fishing villages, or enjoy a night out dancing at parties.

So, head out to the beautiful beaches in Mumbai and surrender to the peaceful atmosphere. Here's a list of beaches in Mumbai city and around to explore.

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Girgaum Chowpatty Beach

Girgaum Chowpatty Beach is among the busiest beaches in Mumbai. It's also one of the best beaches in south Mumbai. Located in the city's heart, this is where to go for relaxation and be lost in the crowd. Girgaum Chowpatty is sure to lighten up your mood after a hectic day.

This beach acts as a retreat from a tedious routine for the local people. The excitement of kids, the sweet and sour aroma wafting from the snack stalls and families having a picnic are familiar scenes here. It’s dotted with many merry-go-rounds and Ferris wheels. The beach serves as a perfect day out location with your kids.

At times, Girgaum Chowpatty is so busy that you might even need to find a space for yourself. But the beach also has a fair share of beauty to it.

  • Known For: Local eateries, fun activities and Ganesh Chaturthi Visarjan
  • Location: Girgaum
  • Nearest station: Charni Road
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Marine Drive Beach

Marine Drive Beach is an arc-shaped beach along the Marine Drive promenade. It’s one of the top beaches in the Mumbai CST area. And it’s a popular tourist spot in Mumbai known for its sparkling waters and cool stretches of sand. People come here for long walks and enjoy their time.

Situated along the coastline of South Mumbai, Marine Drive is the place to witness the glitter of the city. It's among the best places in Mumbai to watch the sunset.

When the whole coastline lights up at night, you can see the "Queen's Necklace" coming to life. A quiet bay lined with palm trees, the sound of the waves in the dead of night and the starry sky make Marine Drive the best beach in Mumbai for couples.

  • Known For: Leisure drives, night views and friendly hangouts
  • Location: Girgaum
  • Nearest station: Marine Lines
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Juhu Beach

Juhu is the most popular and among the top beaches in Mumbai. It's nothing less than a paradise for the locals. Sumptuous dishes from different parts of India, local food stalls and a panoramic sunset view lure everyone to visit this beach.

It's one of the finest places in Mumbai to hang out with friends. Huddled near a stall, you can reminisce about your school days. It can be a therapeutic experience, away from the regular hustle and bustle. On a less crowded day, you can enjoy a peaceful evening just by yourself.

You can enjoy water sports or just sit under a tree reading a book.

Situated in the affluent neighbourhood of Juhu, the beach witnesses the visits of many known public figures. You might stumble across your favourite actor or cricketer, basking in the sun.

  • Known For: Local eateries, sunsets and movie shootings
  • Location: Juhu
  • Nearest station: Vile Parle
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Versova Beach

Versova Beach seems like an extension of Juhu at first glance. But it has a character of its own. The beach is situated by a fishing village, and it’s far less crowded than Juhu Beach. It's also one of the serene beaches near Mumbai airport.

Every morning, different varieties of fish are brought here for sale. The fish markets are set up for auctioning the fish caught during the night. You can smell the fresh and exotic fish brought and bought every day.

In the stalls by the corner, you can taste freshly-fried fish too.

The beach has a dramatic rocky landscape that complements the soft sand. You can spend an evening on the beach, followed by seafood delicacies in the nearby cafes and restaurants.

  • Known For: Fish auctions, seafood and water sports
  • Location: Versova
  • Nearest station: Andheri
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Madh Island Beach

Madh Island Beach is another scenic beach in Mumbai. It’s an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy Mumbai's energetic nightlife by the sea. It provides a much-needed respite from the monotonous city life.

It’s a popular destination for parties and seafood, surrounded by mangroves. It's among the clean beaches in Mumbai, with the surrounding mangroves contributing to its beauty.

This quaint beach lets you take a break from city life and enjoy a relaxing getaway. You'll like to take a stroll on this secluded beach and lose yourself in the magnificent view.

  • Known For: Night DJ parties, gourmet seafood and Madh Fort
  • Location: Madh
  • Nearest station: Malad
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Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach is one of the unexplored beaches in Mumbai. It's immaculately clean, making it a great spot to spend time with your partner and cherish the moment. The panoramic view of the coastline and the mesmerising sunset views makes it a favourite among couples.

Set against the backdrop of coconut and palm trees, Aksa Beach is a peaceful location to spend the weekend. Its tranquil surroundings are perfect for relaxation and introspection.

Aksa Beach and its mesmerising coastline provide seclusion from the city's chaos. You can go for a peaceful walk during the sunset in its lovely stillness, feeling the powdery sand with each step. The calming breeze adds to the pleasant experience of a surreal evening.

  • Known For: Peaceful location, panoramic views and Instagram-worthy photos
  • Location: Aksa village
  • Nearest station: Malad
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Marve Beach

Marve Beach is another couple-friendly beach in Mumbai near Malad. It's a narrow beach, making it the least popular among the tourists. It has a romantic charm. It's also an ideal spot to spend some time alone or with friends.

Taking a break to come to Marve can be a lot of fun. It's visited because of the ferry services to Essel World and Water Kingdom. Otherwise, the beach is deserted.

With cashew nut groves and a Portuguese church in the vicinity, Marve Beach gives off a Goan vibe. It's also nicknamed "Goa in Mumbai" due to the community of Catholic natives in the locality.

  • Known For: Evening walks, fishing and island hopping
  • Location: Malad
  • Nearest station: Malad
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Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach is an ideal choice for a weekend getaway. With the calming waves, the stunning views, and local fast-food stalls, it's a great destination to spend time with friends. It's among the most popular beaches in north Mumbai.

You can indulge in freshly-cooked fish and seafood dishes, try local snacks or go for horse rides across the beach. The beach also has arrangements for fun activities and water sports.

Lined with tall coconut trees, it oozes calmness. A visit to Gorai Beach is a soothing experience away from the city. The light breeze, the crunching of sand and the views of the minty-blue waters all add to the experience.

It’s peppered with seashells and snails, making for a delightful visit for kids too.

  • Known For: Ferry rides, fun activities and local eateries
  • Location: Gorai village
  • Nearest station: Borivali
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Manori Island Beach

Manori Island Beach is a stone's throw away from Mumbai city. Due to its natural landscape and activities, it's considered a peaceful destination as Nirvana. Surrounded by casuarina trees, the beach has sparkling white sand, which attracts local people for a weekend getaway.

With lush greenery, on the edge of a beautiful blue sea, Manori is your place for relaxing. Like Marve, Manori Island Beach's locality has distinctive Portuguese architecture. And like Madh Island, it's dotted with beautiful cottages which throw electrifying night parties.

This beach is a fabulous option for a quick and refreshing day outing. It creates an excellent mood to leave you with pleasant memories of your holiday.

  • Known For: Ferry rides, fun activities and night parties
  • Location: Manori
  • Nearest station: Malad
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Dana Pani Beach

Dana Pani Beach is among the unknown beaches in Mumbai. It's a local hangout place for friends and couples. It's close to the city, just by Aksa Beach, and it isn't too crowded.

Not a lot of tourists visit the place. It's one of the isolated beaches in Mumbai, where you can spend time looking at the setting sun and munching at fries. You'll find kids playing, people following up with their jogs and exercises and a few local food stalls.

Dana Pani Beach also provides a view of the Vipassana Pagoda in the distance. You can enjoy sitting by the beach-side wall and enjoy a soothing breeze with the beautiful scenery.

And as the evening sets in, local eateries open up where you can taste many local fast-food dishes and snacks.

  • Known For: Leisure drives, sunset views and friendly hangouts
  • Location: Madh
  • Nearest station: Malad
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Vasai Beach

Vasai Beach is one of the best beaches near Mumbai for weekend family trips. With pretty views of the sea and white sand shores, you can relax and entertain by the sea. Its serenity also attracts solo travellers and peace seekers.

Not many people visit this beach, making it one of the secluded and less crowded beaches in Mumbai. Also, it's a clean beach, cleaner than the ones within the city limits.

Tall coconut trees keep it separate from the highway. And the surrounding greenery provides for a delightful stroll along the beach. So, if you're planning for a short picnic or an evening with your loved ones, Vasai Beach must be on your consideration list.

  • Known For: Peaceful location, Vasai Creek and Vasai Fort
  • Location: Vasai
  • Nearest station: Vasai
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Pirwadi Beach

Pirwadi Beach is a fantastic destination for a relaxing holiday on the outskirts of Mumbai. Located in the Navi Mumbai region, this beach is quietly making its place among the finest beaches in Mumbai to visit. It's one of the best beaches in Navi Mumbai. And it's becoming a growing favourite among the tourists visiting Mumbai for their vacation.

Pirwadi Beach is a hidden gem of Mumbai. It's in a tiny fishing and agriculture village. You'll often see people catching fish with their bare hands. You can try fishing with them too. Crouch in the waters, spot the fish and get hold of it in one swift movement.

You can soak in the sun, marvel at the mesmerising surroundings, or just sit back and relax on the sand. It's a calm little beach where you can enjoy some downtime.

  • Known For: Natural landscape, scenic views and friendly hangouts
  • Location: Navi Mumbai
  • Nearest station: Uran
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Dadar Chowpatty Beach

Dadar Chowpatty Beach is one of the lesser-known beaches in Mumbai. People visit this quaint beach for their evening strolls and jogs. It's an ideal location to see the dawn and dusk over the bustling cityscape.

It's a small beach in the hub of the city and provides a magnificent view of the entire stretch of the Bandra Worli Sea Link. It glitters with lights in the evening, and the view is surreal.

While the neighbourhood buzzes with the crowd, Dadar Chowpatty is quieter than the other beaches in the city. You'll find many eateries in the locality, not many at the beach, though.

  • Known For: Sunset views, local eateries and Mumbai cityscape
  • Location: Dadar
  • Nearest station: Dadar
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Rajodi Beach

Rajodi Beach is a popular beach when it comes to water sports. It’s in the suburbs of Mumbai. And the resorts in the vicinity make it the choicest destination for a weekend getaway with loved ones.

It’s a paradise for those who want to experience the thrill of water sports. Apart from the adventure activities, you can also play beach games, cricket and football with kids.

You'll find numerous beach shacks on Rajodi Beach. The local snacks and dishes are a must-have if you visit the place. You can sit by the coconut and palm trees and enjoy the cool breeze coming off the sea.

Sipping fresh, tender coconut water on the beach can be quite refreshing on a sunny day. You can go for a camel ride or even take a ferry ride to the nearby fort. The experience is worth the time and effort.

  • Known For: Fun activities, local eateries and water sports
  • Location: Nala Sopara
  • Nearest station: Nala Sopara
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Kalamb Beach

Kalamb Beach is another of the good beaches in Mumbai on the outskirts. It's a secluded beach near Rajodi Beach in the Nala Sopara area. The beach and its serenity and beauty provide a mesmerising experience to the visitors. Sitting on the silky black sand dust, you can enjoy the distant seascape for hours.

If you're keen to get away from the crowd of Mumbai, this beach is the ideal spot. The dreamy atmosphere of the beach also attracts photography enthusiasts. You can enjoy different fun activities and water sports too.

The water at Kalamb Beach is ideal for a quick swim. It might just be the best beach in Mumbai for swimming.

The locality is sprinkled with resorts and pretty palm trees. So, a visit to Kalamb Beach is an absolute treat, whether you want to laze around or sunbathe under the open skies.

  • Known For: Fun activities, water sports and peaceful location
  • Location: Nala Sopara
  • Nearest station: Nala Sopara
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Bena Beach

Bena Beach is one of the best beaches near Mumbai for a one-day picnic. It's not just a place for sightseeing, but an excellent tourist spot for recreation. Beach props, ambient songs and a colourful landscape make it a wonderful place to spend a day out with your loved ones.

Hidden behind lots of bushes & trees, Bena Beach is among the quiet beaches in Mumbai. It's also a paradise for photography enthusiasts. You can have a memorable time with your kids and refresh and loosen up.

You will surely enjoy it in groups and have a memorable time. A visit will make you fall in love with the place.

  • Known For: Fun activities, sunset views and photography
  • Location: Vasai
  • Nearest station: Vasai
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Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach is a charming beach accessible by ferries from the Gateway of India. It's one of the beaches outside Mumbai, but still a must-visit. You'll find everything you need for a fun-filled beach excursion.

The beach is ideal for day trips. You can hop on a ferry just for a stroll along the seafront. It's away from the tourist crowd, making the experience peaceful and private. You can go for horse and camel rides and feed seagulls hovering around the beach.

Water sports and jet skiing are also available at Mandwa Beach for those inclined towards adventure. You can try camping and fishing too.

  • Known For: Ferry rides, peaceful location and water sports
  • Location: Raigad
  • Nearest station: Churchgate

Other Popular Beaches in and around Mumbai

Now that you know the best beaches in Mumbai for family, couples and groups, here are some other beaches in Mumbai and nearby.

Erangal Beach is one you can check out when you visit Aksa Beach. Two more beaches within Mumbai city limits are Uttan Beach and Velankanni Beach. They are situated by Gorai Beach and can be seen easily during the trip.

For those looking to visit more beaches on the outskirts of Mumbai, Arnala Beach, Rangaon Beach and Navapur Beach would be among the best beaches.

Then, the beaches near Alibaug are great options for travellers looking for peace. They're among the most stunning and peaceful beaches in Mumbai and nearby. Akshi Beach, Awas Beach and Nagaon Beach are worth the mention. You should also check Kashid Beach, Kihim Beach and Revdanda Beach as you explore Alibaug. Korlai Beach is another local favourite.

And if you love long drives, take a trip to Daman. Jampore Beach is the best out there. Other popular ones you can visit on the way are Dahanu Beach, Devka Beach and Kelva Beach.

Juhu Beach might be the most popular and the best beach to visit in Mumbai. It's not the only one. There are many other important beaches in Mumbai you must not miss. For example, Girgaum Chowpatty is known for its food stalls and Marine Drive is ideal for night outs.

Another option is taking a long weekend break and driving to Alibaug, Daman or Goa. You'll find many more beaches near Mumbai on the way.

You can also take a day trip to Vasai-Virar and Nala Sopara. They're on the outskirts, and they've some of the most beautiful beaches in Mumbai. Some shores are rocky, and some are sandy. Then, some other beaches are shrouded among the bushes, behind groves of palm and coconut trees waiting for you to explore.

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