Imagicaa Water Park Mumbai Entry Fee
  • 1099 Regular ticket price for 5 yrs & above
  • 874 Regular ticket price for Senior citizens
  • 1899 Express ticket price for 5 yrs & above
  • 1674 Express ticket price for Senior citizens
  • 10999 per room for twin-sharing bedroom

Imagicaa Water Park Mumbai Phone
022 6255 2929
Imagicaa Water Park Mumbai Timings
Day Timing
Monday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wedesday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Imagicaa Water Park Mumbai Address: Bhalgul, Maharashtra, 410205, India

One of the best water parks near Mumbai is Imagicaa Water Park. It has some exquisite water rides and attractions you can try to beat the summer heat.

Imagicaa Water Park in Mumbai is influenced by Mykonos city in Greece. While Mykonos is known for its vibrant nightlife, Imagicaa is known for its cheerful day parties. It’s a delightful experience for all those who love to play in the water. A visit to Imagicaa is rejuvenating.

It’s a perfect getaway option for weekends. You can enjoy high-energy slides, relax at chilled-out attractions and savour a buffet of food and drinks.

Imagicaa Water Park Mumbai has something for everyone to enjoy. You can float down the Lazy River, play in the Wave Pool or enjoy the drop off 39-foot Loopy Woopy. And when you feel drowned, you can sit in one of the restaurants to recharge yourself. Imagicaa also has shopping and lounging areas.

It offers an island vibe under the sunshine of Mumbai where you can have an all-around water party experience.

And if that doesn’t feel enough, book tickets also for the adjoining theme Park. Both these destinations guarantee an excursion full of fun.

Where is Imagicaa Water Park located?

Imagicaa Water Park is in Khopoli, near Lonavala. It’s located off Mumbai-Pune Expressway, providing world-class rides in India. Imagicaa Water Park Khopoli has a bevy of experiences to explore. Book a day or two in the on-premise hotel and enjoy Imagicaa.

Things to do at Imagicaa Water Park Lonavala

1. Playing in the kid-friendly pool – In Imagicaa Water Park, kids have various activities to enjoy. They can play with water guns and other toys, ride mini slides and float on tubes in a shallow pool. And if you don’t want any adventure, you can float down the Lazy River, relaxing and sipping your cola. Imagicaa has a wave pool, too. It creates gentle waves as if you’re on a beach.

2. Having fun with your family – Imagicaa Water Park Mumbai also has group rides for the whole family. You can ride a raft with your group in Soakerz or enjoy the drops and turns in Raftaastic. Imagicaa Water Park and Theme Park have several other experiences and attractions you can try with your group.

3. Trying wet adventure rides – In the water park, you’ll find several thrilling rides like Zip Zap Zoom, Swirl Whirl and Yell-O!. The Screamer and Splash are two other water slides with lots of twists and turns. Then, there’s Boomeranggo, where you can experience weightlessness. The most dangerous ride in Imagicaa Water Park, probably, is Loopy Woopy. It’s a slide offering 39 feet free fall through a transparent tube.

4. Enjoying snacks and meals – After you’re done trying all the Imagicaa Water Park rides, check out the food available here. Imagicaa offers a host of food and beverages from across the world. It has food courts and restaurants catering to various tastes. Ammos, Salty’s and Sunbeatz are among the popular ones. You’ll find a range of veg and non-veg dishes in these.

5. Hanging out in the theme park – Imagicaa Theme Park next door has more rides and attractions. You can also interact with in-house funny characters like Tubby, Neera & Shera, Chhota Bheem and others. Various street events and performances, too, go on throughout the day. And then, you have more restaurants and cocktail bars serving several other cuisines.

6. Meeting movie stars – In Imagicaa House of Stars, you can interact with life-sized models of your favourite actors and actresses. You can pose for photos and recreate some iconic movie scenes with them. A visit to House of Stars will bring many Bollywood moments to life.

7. Creating fun memories in 3D – You can also experience eye-popping 3D adventures at Imagicaa. The Eyelusion has many opportunities to create fun moments with your family. It has some exciting visual illusions and AR experiences. So, you can play with your friends and family and create fun memories.

8. Seeing the world wonders – The Glowmagica attraction at Imagicaa Water Park Lonavala has recreated models of man-made wonders of the world. These large models are displayed under dazzling light effects. You can check them out, strike a pose and share your story with the world.

9. Exploring the snow park – Apart from the theme park and water park, you can also visit the snow park on the premises. Imagicaa Snow Park has many activities like Snow Basketball, Snow Dance and Mountain Climbing. You can play in real snowfall and have fun on different slides and sledges with friends in the sub-zero temperatures. And when you feel tired, drop by the cafe for a drink.

10. Checking in for a night stay – Imagicaa Water Park hotel has a range of attractive stay packages. It has its speciality restaurants, activity centre and pool where you can spend some leisure time. You can stay for a night or extend it for a relaxed experience. It offers a fun-filled staycation with a complimentary breakfast.

Imagicaa Water Park Timings and Entry Fees

The timing for Imagicaa Water Park is from 11 AM to 5 PM. Entry is allowed on all days of the week, 365 days of the year.

Different packages and individual tickets are available for Imagicaa Water Park entry. The Regular ticket costs ₹1,099 per person (5 years & above) and ₹874 for senior citizens (60 years & above). Kids below 5 years of age get free entry.

The Regular entry fee of Imagicaa provides unlimited regular access to rides and attractions. Some activities are charged separately, and they’re available as add-on tickets.

The Express ticket price of Imagicaa Water Park is ₹1,899 per person (5 years & above) and ₹1,674 per person (60 years & above). With an Express ticket, you get one express access to select rides and attractions and unlimited regular access.

Imagicaa Water Park in Khopoli also has packages that include the charges for Ghar Se Ghar Tak pick-up & drop-off services and food. Then, you can buy Imagicaa Water Park and Theme Park combo tickets. These offer access to all rides, activities and attractions.

The charges for Imagicaa Water Park with stay start at ₹10,999 per room. It includes access to Imagicaa Theme Park and Water Park rides, apart from the cost of a twin-sharing bedroom and complimentary breakfast. And you also get unlimited regular access to the rides.

Best time to visit Imagicaa Water Park

Imagicaa Water Park near Mumbai is open all year round. You can visit it any time of the year. Kids can play around all day, and you can relax or swim as you please. With your ticket, you get unlimited access to the rides.

The best time to visit the water park is during winter. Winter arrives around November and remains until February. And the weather is the most pleasant during those months.

Time to explore Imagicaa Water Park

It should take about 2-3 hours to try all the rides at Imagicaa Water Park and have fun. It offers adventure, entertainment and relaxation all in one place. You can also spend a day enjoying the theme park and snow park. Then, there are experiences like Eyelusion, Glowmagica and House of Stars nearby.

Also, it takes about 2 hours to reach Imagicaa Water Park from Mumbai. So, plan accordingly or book your stay at the water park hotel itself.

Things to keep in mind when visiting Imagicaa Water Park

  • Show your ID proof at the time of arrival.
  • Follow the directions of the staff and lifeguards.
  • Wear proper attire at all times.
  • Take off sunglasses or lenses while on rides.
  • Adhere to the height and age limits.
  • Children shouldn’t wear regular diapers while swimming.
  • Only lycra or nylon swimwear is allowed.
  • Bathing suits, swimwear and diapers are available for purchase.
  • Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Injured, disabled or pregnant people should ride only the safe slides.
  • Wear life jackets on rides where instructed.
  • Some rides might be non-operational for safety purposes.
  • Inflatable beach balls, tubes and floats are allowed in the pool.
  • Pets aren’t allowed.
  • Outside food and drinks aren’t allowed.
  • Keep valuables in the locker rentals.
  • Photography is allowed in the water park.
  • Action cameras and selfie sticks aren’t allowed.
  • Alcohol is prohibited inside the park.
  • Smoking is allowed in some designated areas only.

How to reach Imagicaa Water Park Khopoli?

Imagicaa Water Park near Khopoli is close to Lonavala, off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It’s 80 km from Mumbai CST railway station and Mumbai Central bus depot and 73 km from Mumbai International Airport.

And here’s how to reach Imagicaa Water Park in Khopoli –

By train – You can reach Imagicaa Water Park by train directly from Mumbai. Khopoli station is the closest to Imagicaa, about 10 km away. A 7 AM train from Mumbai CST leaves for Khopoli. From the station, you can take an auto-rickshaw to the water park.

By bus – Public buses to Imagicaa aren’t available from Mumbai. You can get a bus from Navi Mumbai to Khopoli and from Khopoli to Imagicaa. A dedicated Imagicaa Water Park bus also runs from Mumbai. It’s operated by Imagicaa’s management and has pick-up & drop locations at popular places.

By taxi/cab – A taxi or private cab is the best way to reach Imagicaa Water Park and explore all the nearby places. They’re the most convenient mode of travel. You can avoid changing buses and autos in multiple locations. Then, you can also book a full-day cab from the top car rentals in Mumbai and spend as much time at Imagicaa as you want. They’re available for hire in many parts of Mumbai.

FAQs about Imagicaa Water Park

Q. Does Imagicaa have a water park?
A. Yes. Imagicaa has a theme park, water park and many other attractions. Imagicaa Water Park in Mumbai has something for everyone to enjoy. It’s a perfect getaway destination for the weekends.

Q. What is the ticket price of Imagicaa Water Park?
A. Different packages and individual tickets are available for Imagicaa Water Park. Regular ticket price of Imagicaa Water Park is ₹1,099 per person (5 years & above). An Express ticket costs ₹1,899. You can also buy packages that include services like pick up & drop off, food and access to all rides, activities and attractions.

Q. Can we wear shorts in Imagicaa?
A. Yes, shorts are allowed in Imagicaa Water Park. For men, beach shorts, jammers and tights (in polyester or nylon) are permitted. Women, too, need to wear polyester or nylon swimwear, tights and tees. Imagicaa Water Park dress code emphasizes wearing proper attire. Mesh and see-through clothes aren’t allowed. Also, clothing with vulgar or offensive designs isn’t permitted.

Q. Can we get towels and swimwear for rent in Imagicaa?
A. Towels may be available for rent. Swimwear is available only for purchasing, not renting, to ensure hygiene. Tubes, floats and beach balls can also be purchased in the water park store.

Q. Do swimming pools and slides have access restrictions?
A. Yes, different rides have their own restrictions and specifications. You should check the instructions to understand if the height and weight limits are ideal for you.

Q. Is Imagicaa Water Park safe?
A. Yes. Imagicaa has lifeguards around all water attractions. Life jackets are also available for the rides where they’re required.

Q. Can I visit Imagicaa Water Park in the rainy season?
A. Imagicaa is open all year round. Some of the rides, though, might be non-operational for safety purposes during monsoon.

Q. How much time does it take for Imagicaa Water Park?
A. It takes about 2-3 hours to try all the rides at Imagicaa Water Park. You can also book your stay in the on-premise hotel to enjoy all the attractions and activities in the theme park nearby.

Q. Can we take our own food to Imagicaa?
A. Outside food and drinks aren’t allowed in Imagicaa. It has multiple restaurants and cafes which serve veg and non-veg dishes from various cuisines worldwide.

Q. What is Imagicaa Water Park age limit?
A. People of all ages are allowed in the park. Kids below 5 years of age get free entry.

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